No Scenario (noscenario) wrote in sfl_art,
No Scenario

Slide Film

Hey everyone, I hope this kind of post is allowed, if not feel free to remove it.

I have a small dilemma on my hands and hopefully some of you can help me.

I bought entirely too much slide film my last quarter at Miami Ad School and I cannot sell it back to since they're phasing out film classes.

I need to sell this film because it is too expensive for me right now to develop photos, I haven't lived here long so I don't know anyone in Miami or at my school that is willing to shoot film for anything other than class and I want to get them off my hands before they expire.

The film has been stored properly the whole time I've had it so you don't have to worry about quality.

I have 14 rolls of 36 exposure 100 speed Fujichrome Sensia Slide film. The price I bought them for was around $6.00 each and I will be selling them for up to $5.00 each.

So, if you or anyone you know likes to take photos with film please buy some rolls from me! Slide film is a really great format to work in and I wish I could afford to use these myself, but I can't.



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